Do you think social media needs us more than we need it?

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I’m afraid we’ve created this facade that if you aren’t online actively utilizing these platforms, then you aren’t relevant & you are less likely to become successful in your craft – whatever that may be. On the flip side, while we’re pouring our time & energy into creating for these apps (and/or mindlessly scrolling in between), we are stealing our time & energy away from our craft. Oftentimes we are cattle called into following trends & using audio/music that’s trending to *hopefully* meet the requirements of the everchanging algorithms so that we are seen by as many people as possible. This happens so effortlessly that one day you’re “creating content” as opposed to simply creating. You’re spinning your wheels & finding that you have less & less time on your hands to hone your actual craft. If you’re anything like me, you begin to wonder if you’re creating these things (i.e. content) because you think it’ll perform well on social media, or if you’re creating because it’s authentic to you & what you wish to offer to the world as an artist. Maybe it isn’t about how many eyes see your work – maybe it’s about those who genuinely appreciate it & connect with it. Lately, for me, I’ve been making my way back to my roots – looking for the “quality over quantity” type of connections. I’m sure this is achievable with or without social media, but (to me) it often feels better without it.

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