Strengths and limitations of technological solutions to data collection / gathering from a data quality (in particular: validity + credibility) standpoint

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Potential drawbacks to any technological solution, including those associated with:

  • Difficulty managing analysis due to lots and lots of data (in volume & formats);
  • Fraud, misrepresentation – “Identity is fluid and potentially multiple on the Internet” (James and Bushner, 2009, p. 35) and people may not share certain images or video that reveal something “embarrassing” about themselves**; and
  • Security, confidentiality, anonymity (e.g., data storage, de-identification).


    What Has Helped You Do or Achieve This Year?

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    It’s the middle of November, a period of calm before the holiday season. As we approach the end of the year, we reflect: How has 2019 unfolded? Have I met my blogging goals? Are we on track to meet our business goals?

    If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’re using for your blog, your portfolio, or your website. How has your site helped you reach your goals? What has it helped you do or achieve this year?

    Did you finally make a portfolio for your photography? Did you build a landing page for your consulting business so potential clients could learn more about you? Did you create an online hub for your organization to spread the word about what you do in the community? Or perhaps you returned to an old, neglected blog after years of not posting and carved out a much-needed personal space to write again?


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