Asking for feedback is about getting information you can put into action

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You’ll become better at your job, build relationships and trust with your peers, and get a clearer sense of how to advance your career. Don’t be afraid to take that first step: you never know what you might learn or what doors you’ll open by taking this small risk.

Strengths and limitations of technological solutions to data collection / gathering from a data quality (in particular: validity + credibility) standpoint

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Potential drawbacks to any technological solution, including those associated with:

  • Difficulty managing analysis due to lots and lots of data (in volume & formats);
  • Fraud, misrepresentation – “Identity is fluid and potentially multiple on the Internet” (James and Bushner, 2009, p. 35) and people may not share certain images or video that reveal something “embarrassing” about themselves**; and
  • Security, confidentiality, anonymity (e.g., data storage, de-identification).

    Do you have any suggestions for ways people can promote the WordPress User/Developer Survey?

    We’ve always promoted the survey through a banner on, plus an article on WordPress News and through word of mouth. This has been successful in the past, but less so in recent years. In 2015*, 45,997 people filled out the survey, but in 2016 and 2017, less than 10,000 responses came in. We won’t have time to add a notice to everyone’s dashboard (even if everyone agreed that would be wise), so this year I’d like to ask everyone to help promote the survey through as many channels as they have available to them.